- Ram Air Testimony -



The new Rod Bower Ram Air induction for the horizontal air intake on my IO-360 is beautifully engineered and fits perfectly.   It has increased manifold pressure by about 1.5 inches and airspeed of 3-4 knots.  I highly recommend it.


Ron Keilin

Variable Oil Cooler Valve

Cold Air Solution



Flight tested this morning.  Outside air temp was 46 degrees at 4,500 feet.  Oil temp leveled off at 161 degrees.  I closed the door about 85% of completely closed, (not sure what 100% would do) and the oil temp rose to 179 degrees.  I then left it there for the remainder of the flight.  Oil temp did not vary more than 5 degrees during loops, rolls, and Cuban 8’s and then returned to 179 in level flight.  No change in the decent, but at 1,000 feet, I opened the door to 50% because the outside temp was 58 degrees.  After landing, I opened the door completely, and taxied in with the oil temp reading 165 degrees.  This unit works great and installation is simple.  I wish I would have done this two years ago, after the first cold flight.  I would highly recommend this design for any cold weather flying.


Ron Keilin


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