When I set out to build my RV-10, since this was gong to be my “retirement/dream” airplane I set as a personal goal to stay as close to plans as possible for the airframe, and structure, but for the areas where the builder has options on various items, I determined that I would search for and find what for me was 'best of breed'. My decision to install the Will James Holy Cowl, and the BPE Cold Air Induction IO 540x are examples to that 'attitude', however it also left me looking for a solution for filtered induction air. After one of several Google searches I happened upon Rod Bowers incredible device. Initially I hadn't even thought about the added benefits of RAM air, so when I found his solution, it was like a bonus. I absolutely love simple and elegant designs, and in my opinion this was absolutely one of the best I'd ever seen. A brief chat w/ Rod indicated that some modification to the cowl would be necessary.  However, I've got a minimal amount of fiberglass experience (I'm at least not afraid of it, just don't like it), and after weighing the options of building and designing my own induction system to fit the Holy cowl vs. making the mods to the cowl to accept Rods Ram air. I decided the later was they way to go. It turns out the modification was easier than I expected, I even made mold of the result for Rod so that any who choose to follow would have an even easier install. The installation of the Ram/Filtered/Alternate Air unit itself couldn't have been easier.

This past year @ OSH I happened to run into Rod and his award winning RV8 and during our discussion he showed me his latest generation/update of his design. Boy I didn't think it was possible to improve on what he had; but after seeing it, it told him “I've got to have one”.  The new unit was a bolt-on replacement for the old one (even the holes for the mounting cable bracket matched the new canister. I'm in final assembly now, and can't wait to provide some data, once I'm airborne.

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