Our Hanger Is Located At:

Visalia Airport

Visalia, CA 93277


Office and Mailing Location:

5716 W. Ashland

Visalia, 93277

Rod Bower Aviation is an custom aviation manufacture and development company. We provide aviation solutions and training.

Born 11/04/1939 in Ottawa, Canada and lived in a small French town called Aylmer, Quebec for 15 years. The family moved to the west coast of Canada for the next two years until my father retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force. My father always loved the USA and it was decided to immigrate to California in the summer of 1957. I graduated from Escondido Union High in 1958 and went to Palomar JC and transferred to San Diego State two years later. In 1960 I became a naturalized citizen and joined the USNR and continued my engineering degree until the Pueblo Crisis caused our Reserve unit to be activated and I was sent to Vietnam. I have always loved flying and took advantage of the GI Bill to obtain my commercial/multi/and instrument rating. During flight training at El Cajon flying service I met a fellow student who rebuilt an antique airplane he found in a garage. This started a hobby that has resulted in:
Restored: PA18 super cub 1947 Stinson 108 station wagon 1946 Aeronica Champ 1946 Piper J3 Cub Experimental: Starduster II biplane RV3 RV4 RV8 ¾ scale P51 Mustang RV8 2008 OSHKOSH Lindy Bronze Award Carbon Cub